Azizi Developments at Al Furjan

Azizi Developments at Al Furjan


Azizi Developments - Dubai's leading private property Developer


As seasoned developers, AZIZI Developments have a robust and established portfolio of financial gain developing property, so strategically positioning themselves to maximize future growth whereas reducing monetary risk. Company's intensive network of relationships, that include lenders, law firms, realty professionals, investors, government agencies and various multinational organizations offer a competitive approach sourcing and pro-actively evaluating opportunities before they're delivered to the market.


Since its origin in 2007, Azizi Developments have established its name as one of the leading property developers, currently building all from luxury residential, commercial and hotel projects, in Dubai's prime areas. presently the company is building five residential projects in Al Furjan that are being completed in Dec 2015. Year 2015 could be a very ambitious year for Azizi Developments, as the company intends to launch another five residential projects in Al Furjan, alongside luxurious serviced residences on the iconic Palm Jumeirah island, and a hotel project in Dubai Healthcare City.


Azizi Developments is more than just a recognized leader in property developments. the company is dedicated to the principle that everyone deserves reasonable, quality housing and is committed to operating with neighborhood leaders and government officials on broader community revitalization efforts. Azizi Developments believes every project could be a portrait of the corporate as a whole; its mission is to autograph each property venture with excellence. By merging the skills of seasoned professionals experienced in developments, construction, marketing, sales, leasing and management, Azizi Developments continues to establish itself as one of Dubai\'s leading property developers.

As experienced developers, Azizi Developments has enhanced its land and income producing property inventories, so strategically positioning itself to maximise future growth whereas reducing monetary risk. the corporate additionally begun to diversify geographically by extending into growth markets round the country and by broadening our product combine into additional market segments and price points. The intensive network of relationships, which incorporates lenders, law firms, property professionals, investors, government agencies and various multinational organizations, provides the corporate a competitive advantage in sourcing and evaluating opportunities before they're delivered to the market. at the side of the strategic partners, it allows the company to find properties in growing areas with significant upside potential whereas staying ahead of the competition and avoiding packed and oversaturated areas. additionally, Azizi Developments has cultivated alliances with finest outsourcing specialists affording maximum value at minimum value leading to enhanced worth for consumers and investors.

The workforce is handpicked professionals with numerous property backgrounds creating a formidable team. Azizi Developments is concerned in acquisitions, site selection, market research, zoning, permitting, architectural planning, financing, and construction, management, marketing, leasing and sales. the various expertise in property markets makes Azizi Developments truly dynamic organization.


Projects in Al Furjan Dubai:

Azizi Feirouz

Azizi Yasamine

Azizi Orchid

Azizi Liatris

Azizi Iris

Azizi Freesia

Azizi Tulip

Azizi Daisy


Apartment types:

One bedroom Apartment

Two bedroom Apartment

Three bedroom Apartment


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Azizi Developments is Dubai's well known property developer that offers affordable apartments in Al Furjan Dubai - Dubai's Leading Property Developer